FBO, band from Cascais formed in June 2019 composed by André Reis (Author, Composer, Producer, Drums and Voice, Luís Fernandes (Keyboards), David Uricchio (Guitar) and Isa Rodrigues (author and manager) in its structural and which has one big objective: to make good music sung in Portuguese and please the public by making them identify with each theme!

They compose in Portuguese because they feel that only in our language does it make sense to compose and transmit messages!

They released their first single on November 15, 2019, which was soon the soundtrack for a TVI soap opera.

They released their 1st Album “É Chegada a Hora” on September 11th at the Estoril Casino in Cascais, Portugal!

They end the 1st cycle with the single “WHEN” on November 15, 2020, a theme that gives them much greater visibility and great recognition!

They are already working on their 2nd Album, “FENIX” with lots of new features and surprises!

The 1st Single “SENTIR o CÉU” came out on February 28, 2021!

The 2nd Single “Tens O Diabo No Corpo” came out on May 28, 2021!

The 3rd Single “DIZ PÁRA” came out on November 23, 2021 and was chosen as the APAV theme (Portuguese Victim Support Association) and has been an official theme since January 13th.

February 28th, 1 year after the release of the song “SENTIR O CÉU” they release the single “PODIA TER DITO” (I COULD HAVE TOLD).

On September 24th they released the new single “Jogo de Sedução” which was a breath of fresh air.

And on November 15th they launch the theme “VOLTAR A ACREDITAR 2022”, a theme that has already widely heard and received enormous acceptance from everyone.

In 2023, on March 14th, they released the 7th Single “VAMPIRO EMOCIONAL”, a theme that had a huge support from national radio stations in the preview on Women’s Day, March 8th.

On the 13th of May they launch the theme “Hoje É Sábado”, an admittedly dance theme along the lines of pop that FBO 2021 has already accustomed us to with a modern, young, clear and concise, easily understood by all young people aged 8 to 80 and which transports us to the “dance floor” and “tapping your feet”!

On October 21st they release the single “QUERO MARCAR O TEU DIA”, the 9th single from the album “FENIX” scheduled for release in 2024. This theme talks about how Love is good for us and Mark the Day for us, it doesn’t have to be explained, just experienced! Talk like someone love is good for us, how happy we are to see the one we love happy, with a smile on their face, how simple it is to mark the day of the one we love by taking them to dinner, going boating, giving a few piropos, that is, the happiness that is marking the day of those we love with simple gestures and words!

In 2024, on January 27th, they released “NÃO CALES”, the 10th single from the album “FENIX” with edition scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2024 with a great concert in the Estoril area where the TOUR FENIX 2024 will begin.

The year 2024 will still have many surprises!

They have a big goal: to make good music sung in Portuguese and please the public and because it’s on stage that they feel happy!

Your songs are like a mirror that reflects your way of being and your experience. They all aim to tell a story and a message!

And they say they are more than a band, more than a group of friends, more than a group of musicians who play together. They are a family!

It all started when they joined the FENIX BAND. André (voice, drums, percussion, piano) and Luís (keys and piano) met 10 years ago and since then they have been playing together and form the structural basis of FBO 2021. Since 2019, they have had in their themes ​guests: Diogo Nabais (Guitar), Miguel Martins (Bass), Pedro Martins (Guitar) and more recently Jaime Jordán de Urries (Guitar) and in 2023 David Uricchio (Guitar).

They are from Cascais! São Autor Edition and Yearn for the road, to give concerts where want to transmit “alive and in color” the messages that each of their themes have and share the songs that belong to everyone who listens to them.

They started the “FENIX” TOUR in their land in Parede, Cascais, on May 27, 2023 with a Concert on Avenida 5 de Outubro, a concert full of life, color, joy and rhythm right next to FBO style with the combination of lyrics, music and scenic image.

They dream of concerts that are always festive, with the entire audience singing and interacting with the music, band, with the audience becoming part of this family of friends.

FBOs are increasingly an example of resistance, of someone who has always fought for your dreams.

They dream… like we all dream!

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10 July 2024 2:57 AM

The lyrics are so relatable. It’s as if the songwriter took my own thoughts and put them into this beautiful song

Paulo Alves Pereira
Paulo Alves Pereira
3 July 2024 1:53 PM

Por alguma razão não acho grande piada a esta banda… parece tudo tão forçado…

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