FBO releases the single “Não Cales”

FBO release “NÃO CALES” from the album “Fenix”, available on all digital platforms and with a video clip now available on the band’s YouTube channel. This is the new FBO theme with another positive social and personal message “Não Cales, Fala”, (Don’t Shut Up, Speak Up)!

With a modern, young, clear and concise language easily understood by all young people aged 8 to 80, this more ROCK theme makes us reflect on the importance of talking and not holding back what is bad for us both from the perspective of what affects us personally and from the perspective of what affects others and we see and often remain silent!

It is also a topic of taking a stance as members of society in the face of political and social situations that revolt us and that we often witness and remain silent, what is immoral cannot go unpunished and if we all speak up, perhaps society and ourselves will be happier!

This theme talks about the importance of SPEAKING UP, NOT BEING SHUT DOWN! The importance of, on the one hand, denouncing what is bad, what we see, watch and often hide, and on the other hand, venting and telling what we feel and what distresses us and which, by remaining silent, can lead us to depressive states! It is a double message with double interpretation both for ourselves and for others.

When we speak and are not silent, we are happier!

With this rock theme, with a strong beat and a chorus that hits your ear, FBO once again bets on getting everyone singing and dancing and at the same time passing on the message that Don’t Shut Up and Talk makes us happier!

FBO (André Reis & Isa Rodrigues)

Music is from: André Reis
Lyrics: Isa Rodrigues
Voice: André Reis
Drums, Programming and Bass: André Reis
Guitar: David Uricchio
Pianos and Keys: Luís Fernandes

Pre-Production and Production: André Reis (A.R.Studios Cascais)
Mix: André Reis
Mastering: Nelson Canoa

Production: André Reis (A.R.Studios Cascais)
Image Capture: Helder Lagrosse
Editing: André Reis
Post Production: André Reis
Cover Design: Isa Rodrigues
Coordination: Isa Rodrigues and André Reis
Location: Carcavelos

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10 July 2024 2:57 AM

The artist’s voice is so soulful and full of raw emotion. It gives me goosebumps every time.

10 July 2024 2:47 AM

Every new song released by FBO is good

2 July 2024 9:10 PM

Belle chanson de partie fbo!

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