Blackout – Kika Santos

Blackout was a Portuguese band from the 1990s, with Kika Santos on vocals, who left the band in 1998 to pursue several solo musical projects. The band achieved success with the single “Paixão”.

The origins of Blackout, a Portuguese soul/funk group, date back to 1983, with the arrival of the five Medina brothers in Portugal, coming from Angola.

After some interruptions, the group changed its name to Blackout, in 1993. Beto Medina (vocals, guitar and bass) and João Medina (bass) were joined by Kika Santos on vocals, and Pedro Maurício, on guitar.

The nineties had projects like this, fleeting – two albums, but with very good memories.

Kika Santos, from a family linked to Angolan music, has an exceptional voice and Coimbra-style diction to envy. And, in addition to her natural beauty and ease with the cameras, she has an advantage that I admire, also for example in Mariah Carey (no matter how much her style is criticized): Kika composes and interprets the songs, and even the arrangements have your touch. There is certainly no merit to this, and it is refreshing and comforting to know that we have the messenger reporting her own message.

Kika Santos, who launched a solo career after Blackout, is now part of Nu Jazz, in the Loopless project, which I highly recommend! A woman of determination!

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