Ossos Do Ofício

Ossos do Ofício are a Portuguese band formed in 2008. With musicians from different projects and many years of experience, they are dedicated to bringing good Portuguese music to listeners.

Vocalist Vasco Duarte participated in the RTP talent program “A Voz de Portugal” in 2012, which led to the release of the band’s first physical record. The self-titled EP was released in March 2012, including the track “Ausência”. Furthermore, they also released the single “Trilho” in collaboration with Sérgio and Nelson Rosado (from the group Anjos).

The expression “bones of the trade” is popularly used to refer to something difficult or unpleasant inherent to a profession or task. Therefore, the Bones of the Trade face the challenges inherent to music with passion and dedication!

Ossos do Ofício’s most popular songs include: “Ausência”, “Refúgio”, “Silêncio”, “Sombra de um Olhar”.
These songs reflect Ossos do Ofício’s talent and passion for music!

Ossos do Ofício does not have a full album recorded in its discography. However, they released a self-titled EP in March 2012, which includes the track “Ausência”. It seems they prefer to share their music through singles and other forms of release.

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