Comme Restus

Hailing from Setúbal, Comme Restus are a Portuguese band of thrash metal, hard rock, punk rock, and everything else that ends in rock. Theoretically, their formation as a band dates back to 1986, however they only recorded one album, called “Pharmáçia Ananáz”, released in February 2004. That same year they went on a national tour to promote the album, having supposedly separated at the end of same.

Their songs can be defined as a kind of metal disguised as humor or rural punk with pseudo-comic connotations in the style of what Acromaniacs also did, but in a much more aggressive way. The lyrics are perfectly stupid. The band’s visual presentation followed the same parameters, with the musicians hiding behind Darth Vader or Power Rangers masks.

Perhaps because they came out in such a relaxed manner, they only had the right to their mere 15 minutes of fame to end their activities abruptly.

The band members hid under pseudonyms such as Maxado El Rosa (vocals), Dr.Fonseca Galão (guitar), John Tortulho (guitar), Homem Sugo (bass) and Gosmo (drums).

In the midst of so much anonymity, one name is recognized: Ivo Conceição (also a member of the Kalashnikov and Noidz).

For some reason this album and band can’t be found on Spotify, but damn, there were people who listened to this, and the laughs are endless!

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10 July 2024 2:42 AM

Comme Restus band sings so well

5 July 2024 3:54 PM

Such a great performance overall.

2 July 2024 9:03 PM

Un excellent article! Il est bien fait et j’ai bien compris

Eduarda Souza Castro
Eduarda Souza Castro
23 June 2024 5:36 PM

Era uma banda que me dava com cada vontade de rir… não sei se por ser uma banda cómica ou pela estupidez humorista das letras 🤣🤣

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